People basic empathic needs

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A component of empathy is figuring out what drives other people. Everyone has needs that are unique to them, but most people share a basic set of empathic needs:
  • be liked;
  • be respected;
  • feel like they are important to their friends and family;
  • spend at least dome time being social for its own sake;
  • be kept in loop about what their close friends and family are up to;
  • feel like the things they have to say are interesting or entertaining;
  • feel appreciated and acknowledged for the things they do for others;
  • feel like their thoughts, emotions and actions are healthy, reasonable and normal;
  • feel understood and supported when they are going through a tough time;
  • be given the benefit of the doubt when they screw up;
  • not be embarrassed or have their flaws or failures thrown in their face;
  • feel accomplished.
Once you start considering these basic need, your interactions with others will improve.


The social skills guidebook, by Chris MacLeod, M S W
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